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Get to know candidates better

“Using Mojob we get to know our candidates better compared to standard job applications, through f. ex videos. At the same time we have reduced time to hire.”


Katrine Wang


3X increased efficiency

“Mojob helped me and our restaurant managers save lot of time. Positions we traditionally needed one month to fill is now reduced to only one week using Mojob”


Julie Bilstad

HR Director

100% Success Rate

“Mojob is fun and simple to use and effective in assessing candidates. Using Mojob we experienced a 100% interview success rate”

Christ Mondaca

Store Manager

Eliminate your biggest recruiting pains

Frustrating systems

Frustrating systems

We’re tired of systems that have too many features and are hard to use.

Time wasted

Time wasted

Recruiting takes time, money and energy away from your core business

Bad hires

Bad hires

Chaotic processes lead to bad hires and candidate experiences.

Reduce Time to Hire

All applicants, messages and video interviews in one place. Automate candidate feedback. Communicate with candidates and colleuages through our all-capturing chat.

“Mojob saves time and resources when recruiting for our shops, and suits the mobile-first digitization of Urban.”

- Andre Thier, COO, Urban

Reduce time
Happy applicants

Mobile + AI = Happy Applicants

More than 60% of online traffic is mobile. Traditional application processes are too complex. Mojob is mobile-first and our AI CV reader and social media integrations makes it pain-free to apply for jobs.

We want to be where the candidates are - on their phone. Mojob helps us do that.

- Mads Jordansen, Department Manager, Personalhuset

Reduce Bad Hires

Use one-way video interviews to screen your candidates and find the hidden gold.

“Using automatic video interviews gives us a better evaluation basis while saving time!”

- Matthias B. Tanski, COO, Norlandia Hotel Group

Reduce bad hires

GDPR Certified

Vetted system, making GDPR easy for you.

End-to-end Encryption

Stay safe with top level security.

Across All Devices

Use Mojob on mobile devices and PC!

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